Testimonials from Happy, Confident Course Participants & Clients ....

  Some of our Clientele include;

  • Mitre 10 Frankston & Chelsea
  • Chisholm Institute Frankston
  • Peninsula Hospice
  • Dallis Property Services
  • TrueLight Electricians
  • Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron
  • Infinity Swim School
  • Rosebud Junior Football Club         
  • Peninsula Karate
  • District Sports Victoria - Seaford Branch
  • Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention & Legal Services
  • Abacus Child Care Centre
  • Max Employment - Frankston
  • Max Employment - Chelsea
  • IPAR Employment
  • ORS Group
  • CRS Australia
  • Job Focus Australia
  • Mental Illness Fellowship Frankston
  • Kananook Primary School
  • Berwick Lodge Primary School
  • Sealite Manufactures Pty Ltd. 
  • Ballam Park Primary School  
  • CORE Fitness    
  • Berwick Kids Education Centre
  • And many more happy clients........    


Please take a look at some of our testimonials..............

First Aid 4 School Students Program - Kananook Primary School  - 2012

"It was an excellent program that was geared down to suit the age of the children in the session.. An excellent presenter, very knowledgeable and able to quickly modify content to meet the needs of the participants.. Very well prepared!! The whole presentation was terrific and engaged the participants. I have no doubt that all participants left with a basic knowledge and skills, I feel that first aid short sessions like this should be part of all schools curriculum and for all schools, thanks so much!" S. Gilchrist

Workplace Consultation

Not having any allergies myself, I felt it important to seek advice about the various allergies that our customers may be faced with. After meeting with Tiffany, I was able to understand various allergic triggers and I felt confident to develop a comprehensive risk management plan relating to allergies. I found Tiffany shared our passion for inclusion and offered many practical tips and expert advice gained through her personal experiences with anaphylaxis. The information was professionally presented in a display folder for us to keep as a handy reference tool.

Shevonne Matthews, Director - Day Spa Parties


Public Courses Feedback- Find more reviews on TrueLocal

Aside from applying bandaids to my children's skinned knees or giving Panadol if they had a headache, my First Aid knowledge has been extremely basic so I was a little intimidated at the prospect of an all day First Aid Training Course. Needless to say my trepidation was completely misplaced. Our instructor Tiffany not only knew her stuff but had such a personable and relaxed teaching method that the hours fly by and the learning came easily. The topics covered were varied yet relevant, from strokes to asthma to bleeding to basic CPR. I now know my DRSABCD (danger, response, send for help, airways, breathing, compression, defibrilation) and have a level of confidence in my ability to help as needed that I didn't have before attending. I can highly recommend this training to anyone: parents, teachers, anyone working with children and/or the elderly, if for no other reason than peace of mind. It's very comforting to know that I now have a basic but meaningful level of competency in First Aid. Thanks Tiffany, was a laugh and a hoot and a great learning experience. Kim

I had a little fear going into this course,Tiffany made me feel at ease right from the word go.This was an interesting and informative course with much more student participation than I thought there would be.I recommend that everyone should do this course.Extremely happy I did this course ,I actually walked out of the classroom with a massive smile on my face. Mark

I have recently completed level 2 first aid and the Anaphylaxis training with Tiffany from Frankston First Aid Training. I have completed several first aid courses over the years, but none in the past 5 years so a lot of my knowledge was out of date to say the least. Tiffany was very good at relating the training to people's workplaces which made it more specific and relevant and easier to take the information in. Honestly the most enjoyable first aid training I have attended. Highly recommend! I know where I will be coming back to when I need to refresh my skills or undertake further training. B.H

On the weekend I completed my Level 2 First Aid training course with Tiffany. The course overall was fantastic- great balance of practical and theory which allowed you to have a in depth understanding of topics covered.Tiffany was so friendly and approachable, with lots of laughs during the day. I completed the course feeling confident that I could handle any situation I may confronted with in future. I would definitely recommend attending Frankston First Aid! Natalie

I have completed my Anaphylaxis, Asthma and CPR courses through Frankston First Aid. Tiffany is a very thorough trainer who works hard to ensure that everyone understands the content she is teaching. She provides hands on experiences and personalises them to suit your own workplace needs. Tiffany is obviously very passionate about what she does. I completed each course feeling very confident about what I had learnt and will definitely undertake further courses with Tiffany in the future. Bridie

The content was explained very clearly, was easy to follow and understand. It was a very valuable course to attend, I am very happy I attended. I feel much more confident about anaphylaxis and about administering the pens now. Melanie

Because the trainer also has a child with anaphylaxis, I was confident that the information was up to date and relevant. She is obviously passionate about the topic. Everything in the course was interesting and was covered comprehensively. I had never administered an Epipen / Anapen before and I now feel confident that I could if needed to. ... The course was well structured with relevant, comprehensive content. The instructor was well informed and answered all our questions. I really enjoyed this, thank you! Kathryn

The course was well prepared, realistic & supportive  lots of personal attention & great for answering questions ... the time went quickly and was most informative. Marian

Was very informative and helped to reduce my anxiety levels about Anaphylaxis ... practicing with the Anapen / Epipen was good and the instructor was very helpful. Michelle

It was very informative in an easy to follow format. I feel much more confident and am more aware of my responsibility as a CRT. The instructor was lovely and friendly, relaxed approach. Encouraging when questions raised ... Actual use of epi-pen, Anapen was great. I also enjoyed the legal aspect and topic generated class discussion. Donna

I am much more aware now. Great presentation ... I think everything was covered in great detail. Very informative. Robyn

The course was great, much easier to learn from someone who lives with anaphylaxis personally. I feel more confident in dealing with anaphylaxis, should the need arise. Sam

It was all valuable, but the most was putting us to rest about using the Epipen and procedures for before and after ... I had no training before but I feel better at diagnosing allergy signs and symptoms. Rebecca

It was excellent, very clear and informative. It is great that Tiffany has first hand experience having a child that suffers from Anaphylaxis. It has made me more aware as a CRT going into schools, what to look for and how to prevent risks. Cassie

Well structured and well run course. Very informative with no time wasting ... I now feel confident when dealing with a situation where a child is having a reaction, either mild or severe. Kerryn

Very helpful and informative, very easy to understand. All was very valuable and helpful. Thank-you for your knowledge. Vicki

The instructor and course was very informative and helpful. Tiffany was very thorough. I feel more confident when it comes to allergies now. Alon

Excellent presentation and presenter. The hands on training was very valuable. Sharon


22099VIC Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis

Very well presented...very informative and helpful Pam & Pip

Core Health Club Frankston


 Individual training session

It was very (thought) provoking and stimulating ... I feel more confident now in dealing with any such allergic situations. Thank you. Arina S.  Melbourne Kindergarten Teacher ________________________________________________________________________